Oldies but Goodies: the Balenciaga Matelassé Bag

I mentioned in a prior post or two how I really haven't found my next handbag love as of yet. I've been looking around boutiques and online, and really, nothing new has caught my eye (or heart). I found myself fixing my closet a few days ago and my gaze went to one of my... Continue Reading →


WITI’s 24th Annual Women in Technology Summit

I took another long break from writing on this blog for many reasons - while the obvious one would be that I've been very busy with work and my other engagements, I think that more than that, there just hasn't been a new bag model in the past year that really caught my eye or... Continue Reading →

Moving On

I only had one post the whole year of 2016. It was a reflection of where I was personally last year - it was certainly one of the most challenging years of my life.  2016 was the year when my Dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and also the same year he passed away... Continue Reading →

Of Mother’s Day in May

I haven't written a blog post in half a year... time flies by so fast.  I still love bags, I'm still here - it's just that a lot has happened in those six months I was away.  Some great things, some good things, and yes - not so great things as well; terrible, even. Let's... Continue Reading →

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