WITI’s 24th Annual Women in Technology Summit

I took another long break from writing on this blog for many reasons - while the obvious one would be that I've been very busy with work and my other engagements, I think that more than that, there just hasn't been a new bag model in the past year that really caught my eye or... Continue Reading →


Bag Feature: Kate Spade Rambling Roses Monkey Casie

February is always a fun and busy month for me - there's Valentine's Day, which I enjoy celebrating (this was the case even when I was still a child and had no romantic interest whatsoever - my Dad used to get me and my brother (and of course our Mom) tokens - not sure if... Continue Reading →

Bag Review: the Cambridge Satchel Company’s Mini Poppy

Hi everyone! I received a beautiful personalized (monogrammed) mini Poppy bag from my husband last Valentine's Day.  It's one of the newer models from the Cambridge Satchel Company. It's my first bag from said company, so I thought it presented me with a great opportunity to write my next bag review. It's been a while... Continue Reading →


Moving On

I only had one post the whole year of 2016. It was a reflection of where I was personally last year - it was certainly one of the most challenging years of my life.  2016 was the year when my Dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and also the same year he passed away... Continue Reading →


Of Mother’s Day in May

I haven't written a blog post in half a year... time flies by so fast.  I still love bags, I'm still here - it's just that a lot has happened in those six months I was away.  Some great things, some good things, and yes - not so great things as well; terrible, even. Let's... Continue Reading →


Bag Feature: Kate Spade Wedding Belles License Plate Clutch

Has there ever been a blog more neglected than mine?!  My apologies dear readers - where do I even begin?  Since my last blog post almost 2 months ago, I've achieved a personally meaningful career milestone; I went to New York for vacation with family, and back to Washington state for work; my dear husband and I... Continue Reading →


Bag Feature: Longchamp Miaou

Hi everyone! I am guilty of not writing a post for around 2 weeks and letting this blog slide again, so my apologies. I have my full-time career and things have been very busy on that front the past few weeks (again). I had a pretty bad cold last weekend so I couldn't use that... Continue Reading →


Bag Travel Chronicles: Prada Fairy Bag and Prada Nylon Bag

First off - my sincerest apologies for not putting up a new post in practically a month!  I've had an incredibly busy (but fulfilling) past few weeks at work, so I spent my weekends relaxing with family and trying to regain energy.  Given it's a long weekend here (Labor Day weekend), I finally found myself... Continue Reading →


Bag Accessory in Focus: Fendi Bag Bug

Hi again everyone! The past two weeks have been hectic for me (lots of work to attend to), so I've been letting my blog slide a bit.  I'm back for now, though another week or two might go by without a new post after this  since I'll be traveling for work next week. Don't fret... Continue Reading →


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