Bag Feature: Longchamp Miaou

Hi everyone! I am guilty of not writing a post for around 2 weeks and letting this blog slide again, so my apologies. I have my full-time career and things have been very busy on that front the past few weeks (again). I had a pretty bad cold last weekend so I couldn’t use that time to write either… thankfully I was feeling quite well this weekend, so I was able to attend to some errands, take our daughter to the hair salon, and spend quality time with the family. I even had time to write a post today – so here I am with my latest blog post, a Bag Feature on the Longchamp Miaou. Enjoy!

Longchamp typically releases a limited edition bag each season which is whimsical or can be considered a novelty bag. This is on top of the seasonal collaboration Longchamp has with Jeremy Scott. For Spring/Summer 2015, it was the Cage aux Oiseaux. For this Fall 2015, it’s the Miaou.

As its name suggests, the bag has a feline theme. I was “cutified” (a term used by the youth of today… I learned it from our daughter 🙂 ) by the bag when I first saw pictures of it so I knew I definitely wanted it… what I didn’t realize though, was how adorable the bag was in person. The yellow eyes really pop out! I daresay my medium Miaou in Navy could easily become my favorite Longchamp bag. And that’s saying a lot, considering how much I love my other Longchamp bags.

The back of my Miaou… you have to admit, the text adds to its charm!

What adds to the charm of the bag is the fact the word “MIAOU” is seen on the back. Too cute!

The Miaou also comes in the color Malabar Pink, but I chose the Navy since the color made the eyes pop out more.  The Miaou comes in small, medium and large – the small and large come with long handles, while the medium comes with short handles.

The Miaou in medium is perfect for my needs – big enough to fit my essentials and then some, but not too big that it will overwhelm my rather small frame.

It’s a great bag, versatile and very cute, but not too outlandish. I recommend you grab one if you get the chance!

Look at those eyes... truly what makes this bag extra special!
Look at those eyes… truly what makes this bag extra special!

In closing – many (or all) of  my bags have some sort of story or sentimental value attached to them… this one reminds me of our daughter. My husband and I agreed that the big cat eyes on the bag reminded us of our daughter’s wide eyes when she was a baby… our daughter was also born on the year of the rabbit, which in other East Asian calendars is the year of the cat. Finally – when she used to cry, there were times she really sounded like a cat! Hee hee! 😁

Thanks for reading! May the coming week be kind to all of us. 🙂


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