Bag Feature: Kate Spade Wedding Belles License Plate Clutch

Has there ever been a blog more neglected than mine?!  My apologies dear readers – where do I even begin?  Since my last blog post almost 2 months ago, I’ve achieved a personally meaningful career milestone; I went to New York for vacation with family, and back to Washington state for work; my dear husband and I celebrated another wonderful anniversary; our daughter’s school work has gone full speed ahead; I’ve seen my work load and responsibilities significantly increase in order to help cover for someone who’s been ill (still hoping for his speedy and full recovery – all the best to him); watched Boruto – Naruto the Movie with my husband and our daughter (it was a great film, by the way) – in Japanese and with English subtitles; had a pretty epic Halloween celebration; and had some lovely family members over as house guests. I’m pretty sure I missed some things in my list, but I hope you get the idea – with all the things going on the past 2 months, I had to let my blog side in order to attend to other priorities. I’m still pretty busy (ugh, when am I not) – I actually have to go to Philadelphia for work this coming week, among other things (meaning the usual working wife and mother stuff, which I’m sure many of my lovely readers can relate to 😛 ) – but at least I had a little more time to breathe this weekend, so here I am with my latest post 🙂

The unique and attention-grabbing clutch
The unique and attention-grabbing clutch

One of the gifts I got to commemorate another year of married life was the Kate Spade Wedding Belles License Plate clutch.  It’s nothing if not a conversation piece!  It’s designed to look like a New York license plate with the text “MRANDMRS HAPPILY EVER AFTER”.  It has a small wedding car on top which serves as the clutch opening. The look is very unique and the clutch is an attention-grabber off the bat. It also has a detachable golden strap which fits well over the shoulder and doesn’t slip. The interior is surprisingly roomy for a clutch – you can fit a credit card holder, a smart phone, a slim compact/mirror, lip gloss and/or lipstick, some keys and a few other small items.

As some of you probably already know, I am a fan of fun bags and this one doesn’t disappoint!  I have very few clutches as I usually have a hard time editing the contents of my bag enough to make them fit clutches – this one will get more use than others though just because of how adorable, unique, and functional it is.

When used with the shoulder strap
When used with the shoulder strap

Needless to say, I was and am very happy with it! It’s a cute novelty clutch that is both nice to look at and very functional.  I also thought it was an amazing gift for our anniversary – very appropriate for the occasion. 🙂  I’ve gotten compliments and questions on my bag (mostly, where can one buy it and how much it costs).  It is still available for purchase at – it seems to be in demand though so I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes out of stock soon.  I’m not sure about Kate Spade’s Black Friday sales, but if you want the clutch and can wait until Black Friday (assuming Kate Spade has sales then, which seems like a pretty safe bet) – then you might want to get yours then.  Cross your fingers that it will still be available by that time!  It should be a good buy at sale price.

Until my next post!  And – here’s hoping it doesn’t take me (close to) 2 months to get to it! 😉



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