Moving On

I only had one post the whole year of 2016. It was a reflection of where I was personally last year – it was certainly one of the most challenging years of my life.  2016 was the year when my Dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and also the same year he passed away because of it. Two months later, my maternal grandmother passed away too.  Heartbreaking, devastating – even these words are not enough to describe it. Grieving is a process – even now, six months after my Dad’s passing and four months after my grandmother’s – there are days when the pain is indescribable and almost unbearable.

While last year had some good moments too (among them, me going to New York for the international Independent Music Awards because the band I am managing, Jack of None, was nominated in three categories (winning one) ), things I am truly thankful for – at the end of the day, it was their deaths which defined 2016 for me.

Fittingly, the one post I had last year was a tribute to my Mom for her strength in dealing with my Dad’s illness.  At that time, she was taking care of not only my Dad, but also of my maternal grandmother.  In that same post, I said I would probably not write another post as personal as that – yet here I am, almost a year later, writing one that might be even more personal. Had I known my Dad was going to leave us so soon, I might not have made such a bold prediction.

In many ways, writing this is almost therapeutic.  It’s also indicative that perhaps I am moving on a bit more now.  I tried writing a post or two between my last post in 2016 and this one, and just could not get myself to finish either one of them – if this post gets published, then it means that I somehow completed a post, finally.  That in itself is a small win for me.

I also feel like I COULD write posts about bags again soon… last year, I saw myself lose some of the passion I had for handbags. While I still appreciated them, I just did not have the need to check out handbags as often as I used to, and none really captured my heart, save for a few.  These past few weeks though, I have found myself wanting to see (and maybe buy) more handbags again.  This could be yet another indication of some form of moving on for me – which might lead you to think, “How shallow”.  Well, maybe – but for me, it’s not the handbag aspect itself that matters – it’s the fact that my interest or passion in things (prior to my Dad’s illness and passing) is slowly returning.  Again, maybe I am reading a bit too much into this – but I’ll take it.

Dear readers – if you see more posts about bags getting published in this blog, then I think what you will be witnessing is my road to recovery. Maybe, just maybe. You decide.

In that vein, I do hope that more posts come soon… Thanks for your patience and support. Love, strength, and hope to you all.


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