Bag Accessory in Focus: Fendi Bag Bug

Hi again everyone!

The past two weeks have been hectic for me (lots of work to attend to), so I’ve been letting my blog slide a bit.  I’m back for now, though another week or two might go by without a new post after this  since I’ll be traveling for work next week. Don’t fret too much for me – I’m actually mixing business with pleasure next week, as I’m bringing my hubby and our daughter along.  That should make what I expect to be a stressful period tolerable – maybe even fun! To be fair, I enjoy my work and my business trip will actually be for something I am quite passionate about… but there’s a lot on the line, which is what will make it nerve-wrecking!  Well, wish me luck 🙂

Before I forget though – I mentioned in my last blog post that we were going to see Metallica at Lollapalooza.  Well, we did – and they were AMAZING live.  It was a fantastic show, Metallica exceeded all expectations, and the energy of the crowd that night was just electric!  Needless to say, dear hubby and I had a fantastic night that we will never forget.

Anyway, going back to this post – I thought of changing things up a bit this time and feature a bag accessory instead of a bag.  Bag accessories have been increasing in popularity and in demand the past few years, and the Fendi bag bugs have been at the forefront of this charge. These bag bugs are made of fur (usually a mix of mink, fox, and rabbit) dyed in different colors.  Fendi releases a new batch of bag bugs every season, each with a different personality and color combination.  They are adorable and even have their own names.

Packaging of my Fendi bag bug... it even came with its own dust bag :)
Packaging of my Fendi bag bug… it even came with its own dust bag 🙂

My bag bug is named Bagood (his “official” Fendi name) but we prefer calling him our “Furry Faced Friend”.  FFF is pretty much the family pet right now. 🙂  He has green/blue (honestly not sure how the color is classified, though it looks green to me) fur and pink streaks.  He has the cutest droopy eyes and his fur is super soft.

Some people find the bag bugs overpriced for what they are and do not understand the increasing interest in bag accessories.  From my end, I feel that bag accessories might even be economical in that instead of buying a new bag each time you get “the itch”, you can just change up an existing bag by adding a bag charm or any other bag accessory.  You can use bag accessories on different bags (even all your bags) and an old bag can feel like new with this addition.  I found this to be the case for me – I actually haven’t bought a new bag in a while (gasp!) – I’ve been using FFF / Bagood with the different bags already in my small collection, and I’ve been rotating my bags frequently. This approach has worked and I haven’t found myself wanting a new bag for some time now.

I've been using my
I’ve been using my “Furry Faced Friend” a.k.a. Bagood the Fendi bag bug with my different bags. Here he is with my Saint Laurent Sac de Jour
I've been using my
I’ve been using my “Furry Faced Friend” a.k.a. Bagood the Fendi bag bug with my different bags. Here he is with my Longchamp Le Foulonne leather bag in the color putty
I've been using my
I’ve been using my “Furry Faced Friend” a.k.a. Bagood the Fendi bag bug with my different bags. Here he is with my Prada saffiano double zip tote in Ottanio

I probably wouldn’t collect Fendi bag bugs though – one is enough for me, methinks 🙂  Bagood / FFF has helped give new life to my bags old and new – even with that, I just cannot justify the price to get another, what more to start a bag bug collection. I cannot judge people who have bag bug collections, of course – if they can afford having many and really love them, then by all means, they can collect whatever they want. It’s their money and I cannot dictate how they should spend it.  As for me, I am enjoying our one Furry Faced Friend / FFF / Bagood – he’s our family friend now and not just a bag bug! 🙂 He also has sentimental value to me since our daughter gave FFF as one of her Mother’s Day gifts to me some months back.

The bag bug is a great accessory to spice up a bag.  It just makes any bag more fun to carry.


Fendi bag bugs are available for purchase in Fendi boutiques,, and other authorized Fendi points of sale such as Saks and Neiman Marcus.

Well that’s the end of this post!  Thanks again for taking the time to read!  Cross your fingers that my business trip next week will be a success… ’til my next post! 🙂


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