Bag Feature: Furla Candy Bag

I have a weakness for fun bags.  I like whimsical prints, unique shapes, pops of color.  They just speak to me. Looking at fun prints and colors makes me happy.  At the end of the day – isn’t that what’s important? 🙂

One such fun bag is the Furla Candy. The Furla Candy bag was first released in 2010.  It became an instant hit with its attractive and bold colors, its unconventional and waterproof material, and its fun vibe.  The name “Candy” was perfect for it – the colors certainly reminded people of different candies, and it gave people the same enjoyment as eating the sweets it was named after.


The bag is made of PVC which makes it waterproof, and it’s also extremely easy to wipe and clean (my Furla SA even told me you could use Windex on it!  Personally never tried it though 😛 ).  You would expect it to be light since it’s made of PVC; however the Candy bag feels quite substantial when carried – while not necessarily heavy, it is not light for sure.  I actually like that about the bag since the material doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy to me.  Mine has proven durable and trusty, as I actually made my Candy bag one of my “beater bags”, meaning it’s one of my bags I feel confident tossing around and not babying at all.  So yes – my Candy bag has seen its share of “bag abuse” and it has survived quite admirably.  Still looks like new, even 🙂

In the past 2 years, Furla has been releasing different versions of the Candy bag – there’s now a mini Candy which comes with a cross-body strap (you can buy a strap for a normal-sized Candy separately) but no lock; there’s also the Baby Candy which is smaller than the regular Candy but bigger than the mini (it doesn’t come with a strap but comes with the lock – it’s really just the baby version of the regular as they’re practically exactly the same except for the dimensions); they released croc-embossed Candy bags last year; they have glittered ones; and they now have Candy bags with different hardware.  Of course, each season also brings different colors to choose from.

The lock which comes with a regular-sized Candy bag
The lock which comes with a regular-sized Candy bag

I have a croc-embossed Candy bag in the color magnolia-rose.  I like it because the fact it’s croc-embossed adds a new dimension to it.  My daughter ended up really liking mine so we went to buy her her own – but this time a Mini.  Hers isn’t croc-embossed (she likes it that way), and it’s super cute!

My croc-embossed Furla Candy bag with my daughter's mini Candy.  Both are in the color magnolia-rose :)
My croc-embossed Furla Candy bag with my daughter’s mini Candy. Both are in the color magnolia-rose 🙂

The design of the bag reminds me of a Speedy – it’s like a Speedy made of PVC, if you will.  If you want a bag to take out for rainy/snowy days that adds some pop of color to your outfit, this bag is for you. It’s also ideal for bringing to the beach and picnics. It’s a great outdoor bag – you don’t have to worry about sand or dirt getting on (or even in) it, as you just wash it under water, wipe it off, and it’s as good as new!

The “Made in Italy” tag of my Candy bag

To me, one of the bag’s biggest selling points is the fact it’s made in Italy – it feels very well-made, and the price is very reasonable considering the quality and craftsmanship (for a PVC bag 😛 ).

The Furla Candy bags are available for purchase through, Furla boutiques, and other authorized Furla points of sale.


Thanks for reading my latest blog post!  How fast time flies… the weekend is upon us again. My husband and I are going to Lollapalooza tomorrow to watch Metallica live!  That should be fun. Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂  Until my next post…


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