Bag Review: Saint Laurent Sac de Jour

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So, let’s get the bag discussion started.  This will be my very first bag review, and it will be of the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour.

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Bag: Saint Laurent Sac de Jour

Size: Small

Color: Black



Saint Laurent’s Sac de Jour (or SDJ as some call it) has become an “It” bag, it seems.  I wouldn’t really know (me being generally clueless about fashion trends, LOL), but that’s the impression I get from my fellow bag enthusiasts.  I’ll be quick to add that it isn’t the SDJ’s “It” bag status that attracted me to it (in fact, I only realized people view it as such after I already purchased it) – it was the sleek, simple, streamlined, minimalist design.  I have to admit that I normally do not gravitate towards bags with simple designs – I like flashy, or unique, or whimsical (think the Prada Fairy bag that was shown in my introductory post prior to this).  The Sac de Jour was the exception.  I couldn’t stop looking at it, and I found myself wanting the bag more and more.

Of course, I can’t just buy a bag the moment I decide I want it.  I have to think about it and consider the cost.  I’ve wanted this bag for some time but had to feel comfortable enough to buy it, and also make sure that I REALLY wanted it so it wouldn’t be a waste of money.  Once I’ve met those criteria (plus feeling the need to reward myself for getting past an especially stressful few weeks of work), I went ahead and purchased the bag.

General Features and Usability


The SDJ is primarily a handheld bag, with a detachable strap.  I personally don’t use the strap (though I know many people do) as I prefer holding it or using my arm to carry it.  The only time I used the strap was when I realized there were no bag hooks in one of the restaurants we were eating in (and no seats to spare) – thankfully the strap was inside the bag and I whipped it out, attached it, and hung my bag on the the back of my seat using the long strap. 😛

The size I have is small, which I think suits me best.  I could have gone one size smaller (the baby size) but I decided I would go with the small since it could fit more, and the price difference between the two sizes wasn’t significant.  For the record, I am between 4’11 to 5’0.  I think any bigger would have been too large for me already.

My bag is in smooth leather (you can also get it in textured leather, croc-embossed leather, python-embossed leather, alligator, suede, calf hair, shiny studded leather, or matte studded leather).  I also considered textured or croc-embossed since the smooth leather is definitely more prone to scratches.  However, since I liked the look of the smooth leather so much more than the others, I ultimately went for smooth.  Within the period I have been using mine, I don’t find that it scratches too easily – though that could be relative to a person’s expectations.  I don’t have nails to speak of so that might be helping. 😛  I don’t baby my bag but I also certainly do not abuse it.  So, I’d say under normal circumstances, my bag is faring quite well.

I will say that this is the heaviest bag I own right now.  Without anything in it, the weight is substantial.  I have very few structured bags though – most of my bags are known for being lightweight (Prada deerskin, Prada nylon, Balenciaga, Longchamp, etc.) so I could just be getting used to the weight.  I’ve heard this feedback from others too though so I imagine it’s probably really heavier than the usual bags.  So, consider the bag’s weight if you are thinking of purchasing it.  I would recommend going to a boutique and trying it out in person before buying it to be sure that the weight is something you are fine with.  It certainly isn’t too heavy (to me anyway) – but again, expectations on this may vary per person, and it also depends on how you will use the bag – will you be using it daily?  Will you use it while commuting?  Are you planning on filling it with a lot of (heavy) things?  These are some of the questions for your consideration.

Over-all, I consider the bag functional for my purposes.

Score: 8/10



I already mentioned that the bag’s look/design is what attracted me to it (even if I normally don’t go for minimalist designs), so you have an idea where I stand regarding this area of the bag – but just to be clear, I LOVE the look of this bag.  Simple, clean, beautiful.  Some people have compared this to the Hermes Birkin.  I see similarities, but I certainly don’t find them too similar.  In fact, I can say with all honesty that even if the Birkin were the same price as the SDJ (which isn’t cheap by any means, but certainly significantly cheaper than a Birkin), that I would still pick my SDJ over a Birkin.  I prefer its look and I’m actually not a fan of the buckles in front of the Hermes Kelly and Birkin.  Just a personal preference.

The handles are the right length for me, the logo of Saint Laurent is very small in front, and I LOVE the accordion sides of the bag.

Score: 10/10


I love the interior of my SDJ.  It’s suede, and it feels absolutely luxurious.  There is also lots of space for your essentials plus some, and there is a zipped compartment in the middle of the bag which serves as a divider of sorts (I think the baby and nano sizes do not have this, but the small and large do.  Mine is small).  There is also a small interior zipper compartment which seems standard for most bags nowadays.

Score: 9/10

Quality and Construction


I feel the bag is tops in this area.  It feels very sturdy, and is very well-constructed.  The leather looks and feels high quality, the stitching is perfect, the logo is perfect (yes, there are designer bags with wonky logos that you might even mistake the authentic ones for fakes  – sad but true).

Score: 9/10


The only downside to this bag is the price.  I feel like it could afford to be a little cheaper (maybe that’s just my wishful thinking), but at the same time, I do not think you will regret shelling out the money for it given the many pros of this bag – beautiful design, superb construction, high quality, the wonderful suede interior, etc.

Score: 8/10

Longevity/Staying Power

The bag was originally introduced two years ago, and it’s picked up steam since.  In my humble opinion, this bag has the potential to become a true classic.

Score: 9/10



Saint Laurent hit a home-run with the Sac de Jour.

Over-all score: 9/10


2 thoughts on “Bag Review: Saint Laurent Sac de Jour

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    1. Hi, Florence!

      Yes, I still own it, and the leather has not sagged. I don’t use it daily though – it’s now around 2 years old and is holding up quite well. 😀

      Purse Chronicles


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