Welcome to Purse Chronicles!

Hi everyone!  Welcome to Purse Chronicles, my very own amateur blog for all things bag-related!

I call this an amateur blog for several reasons:

– I have a full-time career as a Software Engineering Manager in the US, so “blogging” is not my profession by any means

– I don’t earn anything from this

– This is more of a hobby outside of my family life and work

– The photos you will be seeing are definitely amateurish – taken from my camera phone, usually

– All the bags and accessories featured in this blog are mine – either I bought them myself, or they were gifts from loved ones like my husband or parents.  So – no sponsored goodies in any shape or form!

– I will post sporadically, really only when I have extra time on my hands

I guess you can say that this blog will be written from a non-fashionista handbag lover’s perspective, which I think many of us can relate to.  I’m sure it’s not just those in the fashion industry, or those who are over-all fashion-obsessed, who love handbags – many professional women, housewives, and other “regular” women do too – not to mention, men as well!  I don’t buy particularly fashionable clothes, I only have a few pairs of shoes, and I don’t have a single subscription to a fashion magazine.  My obsession is really just with handbags! 🙂

Now that I’ve hopefully clarified that, let me say a few more things about myself:

I am wife to the most amazing man – supportive, kind, funny, insightful, talented, intelligent.  I can go on and on, and I wouldn’t be exaggerating either!  He’s actually the one who told me I should start a blog on bags given my love for them… I’ve put it off for 2 years and he’s remained supportive that whole time!  He’s also supportive of my handbag “addiction”…  I suppose the fact I make my own money doesn’t hurt. 😉 Plus – I do buy him guitars, so it’s a level playing field. 😀  Meanwhile, our daughter is the center of our universe – all our decisions since we found out we were going to have her, were driven by our our unconditional love for our bundle of joy who has now become a big girl.  She’s profoundly talented, beautiful, intelligent, and most of all – she has a pure heart.  She hasn’t shown any interest in bags just yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she started getting into them eventually. 🙂 Can you tell how proud I am of my two loveys?!

Beyond my family life, as I mentioned earlier – I am a Software Engineering Manager in a multinational company, and I am currently based in the US.  I manage teams across the globe – from North America, to Europe, to Asia, to Latin America.  I find my full-time job quite fulfilling and satisfying – working with some of the most intelligent and talented people in our industry is satisfaction in itself.  My work also entails quite a bit of travel across different locations given the different geographies of the people I work with and manage.

Between my family life and my professional life, you can see that I have my hands quite full – which is also why I put off creating my blog for so long.  I’m hoping I can keep this blog alive for some time (though again, posting might not be regular) – it should be a nice venue to share my passion for handbags with others out there.  I would also like you to know that I don’t have THAT many bags (between 25-35 – which might sound like a lot to a non-bag lover, but sounds “regular” to bag addicts (it might even be considered a low number)).  I have a few expensive bags, but I also have inexpensive bags. This blog won’t necessarily be about the hottest or trendiest or most expensive bags in the market today – it will be about handbags in general.

That’s enough blabbering from me about me… look out for my future posts on BAGS!  Thanks for taking the time to read this! 🙂


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