Bag Feature: Longchamp x Jeremy Scott “Humpty Dumpty” Travel Bag

My first two posts (not counting my introductory one) were bag reviews.  Another type of post I’d like to have for this blog would be Bag Features.  These won’t be as in-depth or as detailed as bag reviews; Bag Features will just give a quick overview of a bag.

My first Bag Feature will be on Longchamp’s collaboration with Moschino’s Creative Director and all-around personality, Jeremy Scott.  This isn’t the first time the two have collaborated – there were the Zodiac and Mad Balls lines, and more.

What I love about this particular collaboration of theirs this time around is it’s whimsical – nursery rhyme characters were his inspiration for this bag (as evidenced in its name).


The “Humpty Dumpty” immediately caught my attention.  It’s creative, whimsical, fun.  I couldn’t resist!  I got my hands on one immediately… I’m actually one of the first ones to have it!

Take note that this is a travel bag so the size is big.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be used just for travel, though it can be very big for daily use.  For a statement piece on an afternoon or even a night out – it could work too (if you can pull it off 😉 ).

The print makes me smile every time I see it.  Part of me wishes it came in a smaller size (it comes only in the travel size) so that I could use it more often. Since I’m petite, I tend to use my smaller bags more frequently than my bigger ones.  Regardless – just owning this piece is a joy (and it’s not like I don’t get to use it at all).

Bottom-line is – if you like fun, cheery, unique, whimsical prints – then the “Humpty Dumpty” is for you. The bag is part of Longchamp’s Fall 2015 line and is limited edition. It was initially available exclusively in Colette, Paris starting May 1, 2015, and has been available in other Longchamp points of sale since June 1, 2015.


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